XLE - tallest rig in the yard

Another month has passed here in warm, but at the time very wet Singapore, and we have seen a lot of activity here at the yard, as well as a few milestones reached.

Since last time the rig has grown much taller, with the erection of the derrick onto the cantilever. We are now by far the tallest rig in the yard (excluding legs) rising over 100m from the bottom of the hull to the top of the derrick.

The fourth leg section has been stacked onto the starboard and port legs, and they will soon stand higher than the derrick, making the temporary elevator mounted to the side a welcome addition for our inspectors that have to go up there (myself included) to make sure the quality of work is maintained, even in these remote workstations.

While the big blocks are being assembled, an army of electricians are pulling kilometer after kilometer of cables to power and control the equipment onboard, and as the equipment is powered up our commissioning team has started to ensure that it works as intended and faultfinding if necessary.

In the dry dock the leg wells and first leg sections have been erected, and the hull is slowly closing up, with only a few blocks missing before main deck is complete.


Personally the last month has meant a lot of verification work, as we have started the technical verification towards Norwegian regulations, which means that along with various colleagues here at the site team, as well as in Norway and Copenhagen, we are verifying in the excess of 9000 rules and regulations, making sure that B331 is up to snuff once it sets its feet on the Norwegian Continental Shelf next year.

In the coming time the port side accommodation will be erected on B331 and the blocks will continue to fill the empty spaces on B332 drawing closer and closer to its undocking. But I’ll cover that next time…

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