Typhoon season: all vessels and cranes secured

Fabrication is progressing well in all areas here in Korea and in China.

China, the derrick fabrication is looking very good as at the moment. There are some sections of the upper derrick for vessel 1 in one area of the fabrication yard having the windwall sections installed, for the first build which will after MC (Mechanical completion) be stripped down and sent to the galvanizing shop. Once the galvanizing process is completed the sections will be flat packed in the containers to send over to Korea where shortly the derrick will be rebuilt for the second and final time. Vessel 2, derrick is also gradually being built up in sections horizontally in the same location.


Typhoon season caused the shipyard here in Korea to baton down the hatches and secure all vessels and cranes due to the threat of severe wind and possible damage. Whilst the Island of Geoje where the shipyard is located was spared the worst, there were some places that felt the brunt of Mother Nature. At the same time over in China some effects were felt from a second Typhoon which as well as the previous one also decided to swing by the shipyard in Korea also. Equipment has been arriving on a steady basis now and receiving inspections are frequent. Installation of equipment into the respective blocks is imminent, with the cement unit soon to become the first major item to be placed. Mechanical inspectors will undoubtedly benefit from the cooperation which is achieved by having joint pre installation meetings with the vendor.


However- our mechanical lead engineer (THE DON) had to endure an arduous treck over the mountains to work in his gleaming new car the other day, as it decided to change down to first gear and cause a backlog of frustrated drivers on the wind’s and bends. Remember that 70 percent of Korea is mountains. Let’s hope he performs some maintenance and preservation. With the stages getting close to when the sections of the hull will be transferred and joined together we are all performing some valuable confined space entry techniques for personal safety and rescue. Nice to have in your mind that you have the commitment and the benefits of such valuable training which knowing your fellow worker has also done proves the commitment to look after each other. Close out meetings for outstanding equipment and system review comments are ongoing also with meetings taking place in Copenhagen, Kristiansand, Korea, this is another area whereby it shows the importance of communicating to each other to reach a common goal, so as to have the best deep water vessels on the market.

Teamwork and communication.

More to follow: Stay Tuned.

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