Reaching goals

Time doesn’t stand still, and after being away from the yard for a bit of holiday time for me.

Progress on the three sisters has been steadily ongoing, and while two of them are close to reaching big milestones, the oldest is looking more and more like the finished product (even though there is a lot of work left in her yet).

XLE1 has now been outfitted with a very big helideck (673 m2 to be exact), which will become the access point to the rig once it comes into operation in the North Sea, allowing the crew to come and work as well as go home and play. With this piece coming on, and the legs growing roughly 46 meters, the first rig is very close to looking complete, even though we are still missing almost 60 meters before the legs reach their final length of 206 meters from spud can skirt to warning light.


The middle sister is getting ready to leave the dry dock in a week or so, thus making room for the youngest of the three, which painted keel laying block have eagerly been waiting for their time in the spotlight. After leaving the dock, XLE2 will spend a couple of months on a barge, getting the front part of its hull fitted, before going out to sea to get its forward leg and can stand next to XLE1.

The keel laying of XLE3 will be just after the dry dock has been emptied, and is an important day in any vessels lifetime, as it basically counts as its birthday, and as such is celebrated with a small ceremony with everyone involved showing up… no presents though.

But the closer we get to the appearance of completion, the harder it can become to see the progress, and it is therefore even more important to maintain the engagement of everyone working on the project. For some it is easy, as their fields are just coming into play, such as the drilling commissioning which have eagerly been waiting for their “toys” to be ready. But for others it can be harder, and that is why it is important to continue to set goals and targets to keep the workers as well as ourselves fully engaged in the project. This of course applies to all three vessels, because there is nothing more satisfying than setting goals that are almost out of reach, and then reaching them.

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