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The commissioning stage is ramping up and activity on vessels 1 and 2 are progressing well even with the annual summer vacation that Samsung shipyard workers are enjoying at the moment.

The mass exodus of the majority on their holidays has made the shipyard feel very deserted and for the ones that are covering during this time it has made it easier to get to the vessels as the thousands of bikes that normally appear at certain times of the day are not there. Even still if there was a headcount of the amount of people it would most likely rival that of a shipyard somewhere in Europe I am sure, although I doubt that they could match the delivery of vessels that you get from the major shipyards such as are here in Korea .

From a Maersk Drilling point there is always coverage to ensure that we are always at hand to verify line walks or punch clearing on items that are required prior to commissioning. This is the main focus for many that have been involved on the project and all are keen to see the systems and machinery working to the expectations that were asked for on the high specification vessels that we will take ownership of.


Along with the Site team there are also the other sides to getting the Vessels ready for delivery to the clients which also include O.R.T (Operational Readiness Team).Their tasks include ensuring that all items that are needed to operate are sourced, purchased and delivered to ensure a smooth start up. Some of the other tasks they deal with such as being an interface between the client and Maersk Drilling are probably one that is not really considered by some of the crew that will eventually join the vessels and take them out to work. This could be said for many of the unseen positions which make up the whole team within Maersk Drilling that enables us to operate.

Here in the yard whether it is site team or O.R.T, to get the final result we have to have good engagement from all to be able to reach our goal and deliver on time. This is achieved by developing a good relationship firstly between Maersk co -workers and then very importantly between Maersk and Samsung. Sounds easy, however there have been some stumbling points.


Culture difference and language barriers, with the language side being more an accent item rather than having a common language to discuss topics in, are the general items that people face at the start, but allowing people to take control to look after specific tasks and ensuring that people interact and develop a positive approachable attitude to fellow workers and also respective Samsung counterparts that are approached daily make the process smooth and enjoyable.

Some machinery like BOP delivery is expected soon and eagerly awaited to get installed and start on the preparations to have it ready for operating .


With the first stands of drill pipe already in the derrick being utilized for indexing the fingerboards where they will be stored and with the drawworks being commissioned and tested the working of the first vessel is becoming more and more like an operating vessel. This also allows all that have never seen ships like this prepare to do the same activities on the 2nd / 3rd / 4th vessels respectively. 

For those that do not enjoy the same benefits as we in Maersk Drilling have, as mentioned in the past blogs , maybe it’s time to consider if you have the qualities and desire to work with the preferred Drilling Contractor with the most technological equipment.

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Stay safe and stay tuned.


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