Déjà-vu? With an overview?

When building three rigs which are basically identical, a lot of the time can feel like déjà-vu, which also gives us the chance to do things better and to see things from new perspectives.

One of these chances has been to see the erection of the cantilever and derrick on XLE2 from the top of XLE1’s leg more than 100 meters up in the air.

This is because XLE2 has now taken its position at the finger peer, next to its older sister, giving a unique opportunity to follow the development from a bird’s eye view. XLE2 went out for the big fishing trip at the end of September and came back to stand at the other side of the peer. This means that now, more than 2000 people are working at the far end of the yard, which can create quite a jam during rush hour.


XLE3 is really taking shape in the dock, now that many of the main deck blocks have come into place and the first leg sections are being fitted to the spudcans, but even though it is still on track, it will be 2014 before she floats out to complete the hull and complete the trio.

As for XLE1, more and more details are coming into place, showing the rig in a new light. Especially the removal of some of the workman’s scaffolding begins to show the sheer size of the rig. Most of the decorative walls have also come up in the living quarters, as well as the vinyl flooring, and by each room that gets finished we get one step closer to completion.


On a more drilling technical note, the preliminary runs with the equipment have been able to build 6 drill pipe stands per hour, which is quite good but a number we’ll surely improve on.

As a treat for all and to give you an insight into the size of this project, I have taken a few interactive panorama shots of our rigs from the top of our legs. You can find them by following the links underneath:

The three XLEs, with XLE3 visible at the back end of the drydock: Image

XLE2’s derrick being lifted into place by the floating crane: Image

XLE1 seen from its forward leg: Image

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