Closing the gaps

Our first XLE is looking more and more like an actual rig than just a random arrangement of steel blocks.

The spudcans have been welded together and the first leg section has been fitted. This has been a hot job in more ways than one, as the steel quality used requires the steel being heated to over 100 degrees, in some places above 150, before welding can commence. This means that working in the spudcans resembled very much the inside of an oven while preparing a good roast.


In the meantime, blocks have been erected all around, closing the legwells and almost covering the entire main deck. This has meant a race to get all the equipment inside the hull while crane access is easy, and at times it was difficult to find a bare spot to stand on. All to make sure we were ready to put a lid on things.

Main deck is beginning to look as what it is (a great open space), and more and more rooms are taking shape, revealing a number of issues that simply were not possible to imagine before the block was put together. These are sure to keep us busy for the foreseeable future, making sure that the XLE is as intended in the design, come delivery date.

The first structures have also been erected on top of main deck, and now we have two ventilation houses towering towards the sky dwarfing everything around, and looking quite out of place... But surely the worlds biggest cantilever will dwarf them right back as soon as it comes on and everything comes into proportion.


The forward part of the rig has begun the painting process, and a couple of decks are still missing on the accommodation, but everything is surely taking shape to be great.

Meanwhile all this exiting progress is going on, our second XLE is progressing along, many of the steel blocks already recognizable, and they are surely itching to get their spot in the drydock, once the older sister has left it.

Until the next time...

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