Blue becoming a familiar colour around the shipyard

Over the last week or so we have seen the second derrick being lifted and set sail from the building site on another glorious day here in Korea.

After being delivered it was soon installed on the 2nd vessel with a few minor adjustments as it was lowered onto the rig floor and the foundations that it will now sit upon for many years to come. When you consider the time frame from receiving the structural beams and starting to put them together and lifting the entire derrick complete with equipment being only a matter of months then it is quite an achievement. All this is due to having good cooperation between NOV / SHI / MAERSK, with all the relevant inspectors.


The Maersk logo and colours are now becoming a very familiar site around the shipyard with both vessels 1 and 2 afloat and alongside the quayside, which allows many people passing on the route along the quay to their respective vessels to stop and look and eventually discuss with the Maersk teams on how impressive the vessels look. For the fortunate people that get an invitation to look onboard then it also becomes apparent how much they all see the design changes that make our vessels clear leaders.

Possible clients have been given tours also and here again there are many positive remarks made after the tours.

Commencement of commissioning is upon us already. Which in itself is another milestone?

Having performed F.A.Ts ( Factory acceptance tests) on many of the main equipment items and then receiving them here in Korea where the receiving inspections take place, the process moves onto installation and then commissioning where the various teams get together to ensure that the operational aspects of the equipment is tested and commissioned to deliver these quality vessels.

Below are some comments from our Operational Readiness Team (ORT) – Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) , Hans Dirksen, which speaks for itself.

With ORT in Korea

I am about to complete my first hitch as new ORT member in Korea with the 96K Drilling vessels new build project. A couple of years ago I was for one of our competitors’ 96K new build Drilling vessels at SHI shipyard in Geoje already. During this hitch I met several former colleagues. It was notable to hear that all of them mentioned that our new build vessels look “better” than theirs. Once I completed my first tour on our vessel I recognized their remark. Indeed, our vessel looks more thought about, user friendlier, more ergonomically. Not all this piping on the upperdeck (makes the deck available), well thought about office plan on navigation deck, a spacy engine control room. These are just some of the many positive differences I noticed. I am looking forward to come back to Korea next hitch and help to prepare DS1 to be ready to sail away.

Enjoy the updates and Pictures. Stay Tuned.


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