Arriving in Korea

As an introduction to the drillship project group and how things are progressing we will start with a little insight into how the project group is structured

In the Lyngby office where most of the team is located there is a group of people heading the various disciplines from Project Manager down through the ranks of the team with hull, topside drilling, piping, electrical and mechanical in general.

Some members are already in Korea having set up and started the site team. Quite a few team members will transfer from Lyngby to Korea.
Progress so far: Steel has been cut for vessel number 1 of 4.


Style of the ships: These are not the conventional off the conveyor belt ships. There has been a lot of time and effort put in by a huge amount of people, far beyond the project group, to ensure that the modifications and upgrades introduced to the vessels will make them far superior to others out there. This will make them attractive to clients with the enhanced working capabilities that not only the clients will like but more so the people that will work on them for Maersk Drilling.

Many meetings have been held with all types of vendors in relation to equipment from Subs and crossovers to engine manufacturers to good furniture design for the accommodation. There are of course also some unseen external workers most noticeably Miss Mona, who is involved in the design and layout of the accommodation on the units. Without a decent place to live onboard, it would not be a great place to work.


The noticeable thing in the team is the good working relationship which is formed by good character and ease of communication between all. There are some very noticeable traits in some of the individuals especially when it comes to meetings over in Korea between Maersk and SHI (Samsung Heavy Industries). The most famous one being what they call “SIR JOHNS Court”. This is where our senior electrical engineer can hold an entire room of up to 40 people in discussion at one time, also being able to hold an entire conversation with his hands and eyebrows. Back in Lyngby he is more commonly known as “THE GODFATHER” in a friendly way. Others include the SUB SEA supervisor who at times has been noted to spring into life by performing forward rolls on the floor at the odd evening’s entertainment.


Nationalities are varied and people in the team come from Iceland, Denmark, Scotland, Russia, and Italy to mention a few. When the site team in Korea gets fully manned there will be many more.

Teambuilding events that have been held has been a le mans racing event with Karts where all the Drillship and Jack-up projects combined in good spirit to have a cracking event. The teams had to continue driving for 2.5 hours, which, although doesn’t seem a lot, you can soon figure out that after 8 minutes of racing around the track you are ready to be pulled in to be swapped with a fellow team member. This demonstrated the need for good teamwork. It’s the key to success.
More to follow: Stay Tuned.

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