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Working on a rig is more than a job

If you want to work offshore, we have a range of interesting career opportunities.

Oil rig jobs are quite different from working on dry land. After being airlifted by helicopter to your rig, you’ll put on your working gear and begin a 12-hour shift. The drilling unit's catering personnel handle the cleaning, washing and cooking, so when your shift is over, you are free to relax. Modern rigs are more comfortable than ever. You can spend time in the fitness room, play games with your colleagues, watch movies or simply rest in your room.

At Maersk Drilling, you will be offshore between two and four weeks at a time (a hitch) followed by a number of weeks at home. Occasionally you will be asked to attend training during your weeks away from the unit. This is one of the ways we uphold our superior standards – and it’s a way for you to develop your professional skills.

Finding the right position for you: Before you apply for a position, you should know what you want out of your career. Consider whether hands-on practical work offshore in a rotational position is right for you.

Make sure you apply for the job that fits your skills and interests – it’s better to send one application for the right position than ten applications for the wrong ones.

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Explore the different offshore positions
Are you a skilled worker, engineer or marine officer – or do you just want to try life offshore? Explore the different positions available.

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Explore the different offshore positions
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