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The recruitment process

When recruiting, we take several aspects into consideration, including motivational letter and personal assessments. If you are selected for an interview, we will invite you to one of our offices to meet you in person.

At Maersk Drilling, our employees mean more than the formal qualifications they hold. So when recruiting, we take several other aspects into consideration, including your cover letter to accompany your CV, explaining why you are interested in the role. If you are selected for an interview, we will invite you to one of our offices to meet you in person.

If you are qualified but we don’t select you for the position you applied for, we would like the opportunity to assess you against other vacant positions. If you’re happy with this, please accept the ‘Release your candidate profile’ option in the online application.

Recruitment fraud alert: We have been made aware that unauthorised individuals have masqueraded as Maersk Drilling, promising job opportunities in our name and requesting payments to cover processing fees, visas, work permits or other formalities. The job offers are typically supported by forged documents.

Maersk Drilling does not make unsolicited offers of employment, and will never require potential candidates to make any form of advance payment as part of the hiring process. You will only be contacted by us if you have applied for an open position on our website.

Protection of personal data: Maersk Drilling respects the privacy of our employees and the individuals whom we work with. Therefore we only collect personal information when necessary for our legitimate business operations, or to comply with law, and we always handle the information we collect with respect and confidentiality and in accordance with relevant legal requirements.

Maersk Drilling's recruitment process: Our employees are more than formal qualifications. When recruiting, we therefore take several aspects into consideration. If you are selected for an interview, we will invite you to one of our offices to meet you in person.

1. Apply online: Fill out our online application form. Unfortunately we do not accept unsolicited applications. Remember to attach a CV and cover letter. You may also attach relevant certificates.

2. Online assessments (only used in some locations) (0-2 weeks after posting close date): If you fulfil the basic job requirements, you will be invited to complete two online assessments; a logical indicator and a personality assessment.

3. Interviews (0-2 weeks after online assessments): Based on the application, past experiences, education and the two online assessments, we invite the right candidates for two interviews. The first interview will focus on you as a person; your motivations and ambitions. This is held with a Recruitment Specialist. The second interview will focus on your professional skills in relation to the particular position and is conducted by the hiring manager or technical interviewer. 

4. Job offer: If you are the chosen candidate, you will receive a job offer. 

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