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We invest in you

Discover career opportunities with a company leading the way in one of the world's most exciting high-tech industries.

"I’ve had some fantastic experiences working with a great team, and I’m learning valuable new skills all the time."
Vacant off- and onshore positions

Vacant off- and onshore positions

Take a look at the positions available. Your next great opportunity could be just one click away.

Working on a rig is more than a job

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Offshore jobs no longer involve pulling huge, noisy machinery around platforms in oil-soaked clothes. At Maersk Drilling you can work on some of the most up to date, versatile and technologically advanced rigs in the industry.

We have many fascinating and challenging career opportunities for people who want to work offshore.

Unlocking opportunities

Unlocking opportunities

The history of offshore drilling is a timeline of innovation and discovery. Not only has Maersk Drilling seen this development up close, we have been front-runners in the process – and our people have played critical roles. This is only possible because we invest in our employees to ensure they are the best-trained, most experienced people in the industry.

Life at Maersk Drilling

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Our people are our most valuable asset

An engaged and dedicated workforce is the foundation of our success – and this is why we believe so strongly in developing our employees’ skills and values. At Maersk Drilling you’ll find exciting opportunities for healthy personal and professional growth.

Get to know the drilling industry

Get to know the drilling industry

Using a drill to reach reservoirs of oil and gas is a simple concept that has been understood since the 19th century. However, the practical challenges are enormous and have never been greater, as energy companies increasingly look offshore towards deeper waters to help fuel modern society.