We believe that our future growth and success depends on forging close relationships with our stakeholders and creating value – together. We want to be business partners with our stakeholders, which mean maximising two-way communication, transparency and collaboration, and sharing our expertise and knowledge. 


This is what our stakeholders expect from us

Maersk Drilling’s annual Employee Engagement Survey is designed to identify how committed we are to what we do and how well we live our values – as individual employees, as managers, and as a company. To grow Maersk Drilling successfully, we believe we need engaged employees and strong managers. We are therefore pleased to see that the overall engagement scores have increased.



In 2013, the sustainability related scores in the engagement survey remained at status quo except for ‘My company is characterised by living our values’, which increased from 72% to 76%. We are pleased with these results and, in 2014, we aim to maintain these scores as a minimum.


Quarterly Performance review 2013
*The 2013 score is based on results from Q1, Q2, and Q3. The score from Q4 is an estimation based on three survey results and an assumption that the remaining results are unchanged from Q3.

Through our quarterly performance reviews with customers, we seek to integrate customer feedback into our performance management system and processes. This allows us to improve our service and address specific issues in close collaboration with our customers timely and effectively.

The reviews cover seven key aspects: HSE performance, rig’s operational performance, offshore crew’s skills and performance, offshore management’s performance and relationships with client, rig manager’s support and follow-up, shorebase organisation’s support including responsiveness and professionalism, and clients’ offshore representatives feedback on rig performance. The survey is reviewed and discussed between the rig manager and the client on a quarterly basis.


At Maersk Drilling, communication is a transparent and open two-way process. Information flows from all sides and we want to stay in close contact with our stakeholders. The focus in 2013 was thus on enhancing our communication by listening to our stakeholders – an audience ranging from employees and customers to NGOs and potential candidates.

To support our growth strategy and to bridge the extensive recruitment challenge which the industry is facing, we have expanded our social media presence to include six channels. From the very beginning, these channels have aimed at providing quality content to attract the right people and build up an online community of relevant stakeholders.

During 2013, Facebook proved to be an efficient recruitment tool. After a recruitment campaign in the United States, we saw a 600% rise in applications received. Today, our Facebook community consists of more than 60,000 offshore drilling enthusiasts, while our other five channels; Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Vimeo are growing every day.

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To the stakeholders of Maersk Drilling A/S – Sustainability Report 2013

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