Materiality and engagement

Maersk Drilling’s stakeholder relationships are based on participatory engagement, open dialogue and mutual respect. When we engage with our stakeholders, the ones that are directly impacted by our business, or which have a direct impact on it, are our chief focus of interest.

Stakeholder engagement is present in everything we do – in multiple ways and at various levels, throughout the organisation and across the world. You can read more about stakeholder engagement in the community engagement section.

The materiality assessment is an uninterrupted process, which is closely intertwined with internal and external stakeholder engagement. The outcome of the process is a set of prioritised aspects of materiality that guides Maersk Drilling in selecting its focus areas and in making sustainable business decisions.

In our sustainability reporting, we focus on the social, environmental and economic aspects that are most important to our stakeholders and have the greatest impact on our business. You can read more about Maersk Drilling’s top material aspects throughout the sustainability report.  


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