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2015 - We are all part of Team Zero

Dear reader, 

The oil markets are experiencing the worst downturn in 40 years. With a plummeting oil price and an over-supply of oil in the market, our customers – the oil companies – are reducing their activity levels while curbing exploration. This of course also affects a drilling contractor as Maersk Drilling. Since the end of 2014, Maersk Drilling has been working on reducing costs and enhancing our efficiency. We have to recalibrate to the new oil reality, and we have to service our customers with valuable solutions that help drive down the total well cost. That will be our main challenge in 2016 – a year that will be at least as challenging as 2015 was.

Global action

Two major global agreements were made in 2015: the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the adoption of the climate agreement at COP21.The SDGs includes 169 targets set to stimulate world-action over the next fifteen years in areas such as ending poverty and protecting the planet. At COP21 more than 180 countries agreed to combat climate changes together by keeping global warming below 2o Celsius. 

Eradicating poverty is one of the greatest global challenges and an indispensable requirement for sustainable development. Energy and access to electricity plays an essential factor in ending poverty. In Maersk Drilling, we strongly support that economic advancements cannot come at the expense of the vulnerability or of the environment. Governments, businesses, and civil society must act in collaborative partnerships to meet the global challenges of ensuring sustainable development.

Sustainable development 

In Maersk Drilling, we acknowledge that we are one of the elements of the global warming challenge. However, there continues to be a need for energy, hereunder also fossil fuels, in developing countries to support the rising middle class and increasingly advancing societies. Renewable energy sources cannot be expected to meet the demand on their own and fossil fuels are still needed in the energy mix to provide enough energy globally. 

In meeting society’s energy demand under today’s market conditions, Maersk Drilling focusses on being a responsible business partner for our customers. We ensure that we operate our units as efficiently as possible and focus on being a contractor that puts the safety of people and the environment first. 

Even though we improved our safety performance in 2015, one of our colleagues still suffered a life-changing incident in June 2015. The incidents cost him his right hand and three fingers on his left hand. Even though he is in good spirits today, we have to face that one our colleague’s life has been changed forever.

In Maersk Drilling, we have the ambition of reaching zero incidents by 2018. For many that is elusive and a dream. However, we believe we can do, and we are working towards it. It does however mean that we must work on the entire mind-set in the organisation and with our customers and suppliers. It is the sum of all we do that will help us truly embrace a Zero mind-set and ensure that Health, Safety, Security and Environment is not just a peripheral activity to operations, but an integrated part of everything that we do in every single role and function.

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