Safety position


The market for offshore drilling is experiencing a downturn as oil companies are curbing their exploration and spending budgets in response to a falling oil price. Maersk Drilling must reduce costs and enhance efficiency in order to mitigate the impact of the deteriorating market and to deliver valuable services to our customers.  

In meeting society’s energy demand under today’s market conditions, we focus on being a responsible business partner, putting the safety of people and the environment first, and on operating an energy efficient fleet of drilling units. It is Maersk Drilling’s belief that this will generate sustainable development for Maersk Drilling and for society. 

A business with potentially large impacts

With great public concern and media attention, the safety of offshore drilling for both people and environment, has been widely discussed for many years. A blowout from an oil well can potentially cause deaths and oil spills, not only affecting human life and marine life, but also leading to major financial consequences for local communities and involved companies.

Is there a right to say "Stop!"?

Even with the right safety culture, operational procedures and technology, the push to go the extra mile can compromise safety. Critics assert that offshore drilling will never be safe: the large investments at stake push employees too far, and a culture of always saying yes to the boss prevails. However, when you work on one of Maersk Drilling’s units, you have the right – and obligation – to stop a job that you deem to be unsafe. Offshore drilling will only be safe  

Our target is high: Zero incidents by 2018

In offshore drilling, the safety of both people and the environment is dependent on the constant management of risk. Maersk Drilling’s safety performance is a reflection of our long-term approach to managing our business. Our license to operate depends on having the right systems, procedures and technology – plus a strong safety culture. Our goal is to achieve zero incidents by 2018. It is our belief that safety is fundamentally dependent on active decision-making and the result of a serious commitment from all the employees of Maersk Drilling. 

What we are doing

  •      We work with safety on three levels to protect our people and the environment from harm: personal safety, process safety and technical safety

  • We expect employees to say “Stop!” when a situation does not feel safe. A strong safety culture is dependent on people being accountable and taking personal responsibility
  •      The competencies of our employees is essential to the safety of our operations. We build their competencies through team-based training and simulations, in addition to individual training on the job 

  • We monitor and report openly on our performance by applying key performance indicators to improve performance and achieve the goal of zero incidents by 2018