Responsible business position


Responsibility requires integrity

Our strong values and codes of conduct guide both our employees and our business partners. The goal is to always act responsibly in our dealings with others. Our aspiration is to ensure that our stakeholders acknowledge Maersk Drilling’s values and act in accordance with a shared commitment to doing business in an ethical, legal and responsible manner. We strive to continuously improve our supply chain management, and to avoid any form of corruption.

Business in a global economy

Companies like Maersk Drilling have to address sourcing options and security concerns while navigating business environments that are sometimes corruption-challenged. New markets that are of interest in the emerging economies are typically complex, involving societal issues and demanding business environments where practices can be very different from those of more mature markets.

Is the long road actually the shortest?

There is a widespread view that it is difficult – if not impossible – to conduct responsible business in countries that are vulnerable to corruption and inferior business standards, because enterprises will tend to choose short-term gains over long-term development goals. However, Maersk Drilling believes that if host nations, oil companies, and drilling contractors cooperate and work to promote responsible business practices in a transparent dialogue, progress towards a common good will be achieved.

What we are doing

  • We have implemented policies, processes, codes of conduct and guidelines in areas like our management system to ensure that we uphold standards of responsible business conduct which are both high and consistent
  • We assess risks relating to corruption, our supply chain and security both locally and at the headquarters level, in order to proactively manage potential issues that could threaten our business
  • We promote responsible business in close collaboration with our business partners to improve both our and their social performance

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