Responsible business performance

Testing local anti-corruption systems and processes

In 2015, 33 employees went through anti-corruption training, and 2 anti-corruption visits were conducted.  

During visits, training sessions are conducted, and contracts, processes and transaction records connected with the handling of petty cash, gifts, travel, entertainment and local procurement are reviewed. Local recruitment and employee compensation are subjected to the same process.

Finally, meetings are held with the agents that represent Maersk Drilling in its relations with local authorities. “We try to get into everything. In the oil and gas industry, everything counts. Nothing is too big, and nothing is trivial. You need to be thorough and detailed”, says Senior Legal Counselor, Lesley Coben.

Strict anti-corruption requirements and warranties are included in all new drilling contracts. “We have zero tolerance towards corruption and bribes. Moreover, if we fail to deliver, the contracts can be terminated and Maersk Drilling will be exposed to the risk of legal proceedings. We need to have systems and procedures in place to prevent improper payments, and to test these systems from time to time”, continues Lesley Coben.

Responsible procurement through supplier development

By 2015, most our suppliers were registered and assessed in our Responsible Procurement Programme. We therefore focused our efforts on assisting our suppliers with developing improvement plans and implementing them.

In total, 20 suppliers were registered in the Responsible Procurement System and 9 suppliers were assessed in regards to health and safety, environment, labour and human rights, and anti-corruption.

In addition, we planned how to proceed with our new supplier scope: high-risk categories. We progressed in training local rig teams in the responsible procurement process and we will continue this work in 2016. 

Security is the degree of resistance to, or protection from harm

At Maersk Drilling we monitor risks globally and prioritise measures that maintain the physical protection of our employees and assets. As a growing global organisation we have personnel and drilling units constantly on the move. This requires proactive situation monitoring and a strong security foundation.

In order to prepare, handle, and recover from security incidents, we have dedicated security teams internally and a global network of trusted partners with whom we liaise. With more than 1500 employees constantly on the move, one of the focus points has been to further improve travel security.

In close liaison with our business partners, we prepare our employees before they travel, keep them updated during their travel, and provide a 24/7/365 global health and security response option if needed. By monitoring incidents globally and knowing the location of our employees, we aim to be one step ahead of potential incidents.

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