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All of our people come from different backgrounds and brings with them different traits and values. In 2015, we focused on bringing these diverse backgrounds to the forefront. 

Claus V. Hemmingsen


Chief Executive Officer of Maersk Drilling and member of the executive board of A.P. Moller-Maersk

Claus V. Hemmingsen joined the Maersk Group in 1981 as a shipping trainee after which he joined Maersk Drilling’s Human Resource Department. He was stationed in Asia from 1992 to 2003 for Maersk Line and the Maersk Group. In 2003, Claus returned to Denmark where he took on positions for various business units in the Maersk Group until he became CEO of Maersk Drilling in 2005. Claus has supplemented his education with management courses at London Business School and Cornell University as well as finalized an Executive MBA (honours) at IMD.

How does your 34 years of experience from working in an international conglomerate benefit you in your current position as CEO of Maersk Drilling?

First and foremost, the long and intimate experience with various companies in the Group has given a unique ballast in terms of inspiration, broad knowledge and open-minded thinking when considering the many options and solutions available to us. This goes for both the technical as well as the people side. Secondly, I have had the good fortune of having worked within most disciplines – HR, IT, Operations, Customer Service, Sales, many projects and many top management tasks – as I normally say: everything except Finance and Technical. This has provided me with a wide platform from which I can hopefully aide and guide decision-making. Last, but not least, the confidence that I have gained in the capabilities of the Group, the competences of the organization at large and the drive and motivation of each and every colleague makes me believe in our ability to take any business unit in the Group to a higher level and in conquering the markets in which we operate. My hope and own motivation is, that these overall capabilities will continue to drive growth and prosperity for the Group and our people in perpetuity

Angela Durkin


Chief Operational Officer of Maersk Drilling

Angela Durkin started her career in Baker Hughes in 1996 as a Measurement While Drilling operator after having completed a M.Sc. in Electronics at Technische Universität Braunschweig. She has held various positions such as Business Development Manager, Vice President for Operations and Technical Support, and Corporate Vice President for Health, Safety and Environment. Angela joined the Maersk Group in 2015 when she took on the position as COO of Maersk Drilling.

Which experience from Baker Hughes brings the most value to your current role as COO in Maersk Drilling?

At Baker Hughes, I had the opportunity throughout my career to fill various roles in many international assignments. I worked in operational roles with P&L focus as well as in Technical roles and support functions like HSE and Quality in many different locations. This has given me a very broad understanding of the Oil and Gas industry and how to best position a service provider within this Industry and it is that experience I can bring to Maersk Drilling to further enhance our Operational excellence.

Marianne Sørensen


Chief Financial Officer of Maersk Drilling

Marianne Sørensen joined the Maersk Group in 1990 after having completed a M.Sc. in Economics at Copenhagen University. Before Marianne took on the position as CFO of Maersk Drilling in 2008, she has worked in various finance positions in the Maersk Group.

Which project has taught you the most during your 25-year long career in the Maersk Group?
“One of the projects that has taught me the most was when I early in my career was offered to take up a position as maternity cover in an area that was totally new to me. At the same time, it was my first real manager position. I jumped at the opportunity and in a very short timeframe, I learned a lot from both a functional and a personal perspective. That vote of confidence in me was very valuable for me and so was the continued support shown to me in that role when I didn’t always get everything right.”

Frederik Smidth


Chief Technical Officer of Maersk Drilling

Frederik Smidth joined the Maersk Group in 1990 after having completed a M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering at the Danish Technical University. To supplement this, Frederik acquired an Executive MBA at IMD Business School in 2010. With more than 25 years of experience within the offshore oil and gas industry Frederik took on the position as CTO of Maersk Drilling in 2010.

How does your Executive MBA from IMD add value to your more than 25 years of technical experience in the oil and gas industry? 

Being part of the Senior Management Team requires that you have an in depth knowledge of your own functional area and some insights into the other functional areas. The MBA is very good enabler when you come from a “narrow” technical background. It opens up ones perspective and gives a broader view on the overall running of an organisation like Maersk Drilling. In addition, it gives a good general management background and personal insight, which helps run a big department like the Technical Organisation. I will not say that it is a prerequisite for doing the job, but for me that has almost been the case.

Ana Zambelli


Chief Commercial Officer of Maersk Drilling

Ana Zambelli holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the Universidade Federal Do Rio de Janeiro and a M.Sc. in Petroleum Engineering from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburg. Ana has held various positions within the oil and gas industry since she started her career with Schlumberger in 1996, such as QHSE Manager with Schlumberger in West Africa and as MD Subsea Operations Worldwide with Transocean. In 2015, she joined the Maersk Group as CCO of Maersk Drilling. 

How do you incorporate your technical experience from Transocean in your current role as CCO of Maersk Drilling?

Our customers are very technical and operations centric. The master in petroleum engineer gave me a perspective of the operators’ mind-set. Deepwater operations are complex, and reliability of equipment is key for any project from a safety and performance viewpoint. Understanding your customers is the number one step to build the right value proposition for them.

Lene Reitzel


Head of Human Resources in Maersk Drilling

Lene Reitzel joined A.P. Moller-Maersk in 1989 as a shipping trainee and has since then held various positions within the Maersk Group such as Head of Organisational Development and Compensation and benefits in Maersk Drilling as well as Head of HR in Maersk Tankers. Lene took on her current position as Head of HR in Maersk Drilling in 2015.

From your experience in the Maersk Group, what do you think the value of a diverse group of employees is?

A diverse workforce, as we have in the Maersk Group naturally reflects the society we are part of and operate in. It also allows us to tap into a much wider pool of talent. As a company, diversity acts as a catalyst to challenge our thinking and develop new and different perspectives on our deliverables. This actually enables us to get better and richer ideas – we simply perform better with a diverse workforce.

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