People position


The market for offshore drilling is experiencing a downturn as oil companies are curbing their exploration and spending budgets in response to a falling oil price. Maersk Drilling must reduce costs and enhance efficiency in order to mitigate the impact of the deteriorating market and to deliver valuable services to our customers.  

In meeting society’s energy demand under today’s market conditions, we focus on being a responsible business partner, putting the safety of people and the environment first, and on operating an energy efficient fleet of drilling units. It is Maersk Drilling’s belief that this will generate sustainable development for Maersk Drilling and for society

A world of employess 

Companies that operate in multiple countries also employ a diverse group of people. Employees’ gender, age, nationality, religion, and culture affects the decisions we make.  Culturally diverse workplaces, can pose challenges such as defining shared interests and common values across cultural and national borders. This can affect companies’ operational procedures and potentially cause injuries, spills, and fines.   

How can we sustain organisational cohesion in an international company? 

The oil and gas industry is growing as a result of the increasing demand for energy. Oil companies and drilling contractors are expanding their businesses, and they are competing to attract skilled employees. The quest for talent is fierce, and we all agree that it is the people who make the difference.

Our people are our most important asset

To provide our employees with a good workplace, we support internationally recognised labour standards and human rights. Offshore jobs bring many challenges that call for professional employees who never compromise on health and safety, and who thrive on challenges and responsibilities. In order to enable our business to compete and thrive, we employ only the best. 

What we are doing

  • To ensure that we offer our employees a good workplace, we have implemented our own internal code of conduct, a third-party code of conduct, and a set of global labour standards 
  • We continuously work to improve individual and team-based competencies through structured training programmes, for instance by using our state-of-the-art offshore drilling simulator
  • We take a holistic approach to growing our workforce sustainably and safely. We find this essential for recruiting, integrating and retaining the most competent people, as well as for preserving a consistently high level of performance on all our rigs

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