Environment and climate progress

Shared value through energy effeciency

With our Energy Efficiency Management Programme, we aim to reduce our own and clients’ environmental footprints from CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gas emissions.

As part of Maersk Drilling’s Energy Efficiency Management Programme, we have adopted an Energy Efficiency Operational Index (EEOI) from the shipping industry and modified it to our drilling units. The aim is to enable performance benchmarking across the fleet and potentially across the drilling industry going forward.

During a pilot study with one of our customers, conducted between September 2014 and September 2015, we found that we could reach fuel savings of 8% per year. This particular rig consumed 4000 tonnes of fuel at a cost of USD 3.8 million and total CO2 emissions of 12,500.

For the environment and our customer, the value was:

  • A reduction in emissions of 1000 tonnes of CO2 per unit per year
  • A reduction in fuel-costs of USD 304,000 per unit per year
  • An improvement of 32% in EEOI

“We try to enhance our own and our customers’ competitiveness while safeguarding the environment we operate in. In the new oil reality, our Energy Efficiency Management Programme creates shared value for both our customers and for Maersk Drilling,” explains Varun Ramdas, Senior Environment and Energy Specialist at Maersk Drilling.

Fuel consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions are by far the most significant issue, when evaluating environmental impacts associated with offshore drilling. Aside from cost, this is a risk due to increasing mandatory disclosure of CO2 performance across the industry, escalating compliance requirements, fiscal controls and reputational risks.

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