Community engagement performance

Local communities remained very important to Maersk Drilling’s business in 2015. This was especially true for our core operations, but it also applied to the completion of our seven yard stays that year. Our experience has often been that the needs and concerns of local stakeholders are directly linked to our business, such as local labour market, the competencies of the local talent, education and unemployment.

In 2015, we also saw an increasing interest in how we conduct our environmental management, procure goods and services locally, and what roles we take upon ourselves in the local community.

Stakeholder engagement

Maersk Drilling already has close relationships with many of our business partners and engage with them frequently – this is essential to the growth and success of our business. Our increased dialogue with a broader group of stakeholders, with the purpose of strengthening our close relationships and to exchanging expertise and knowledge, was taken a step further in 2015.

As regards to sustainability-related matters, we aim to collaborate even more with our external stakeholders. To accomplish this, we have begun an extensive stakeholder mapping and analysis to identify which stakeholders we need to engage with on relevant aspects of sustainability. Our intention for 2016 is to put this preliminary work into action and to invite our stakeholders to take part in informal discussions about how we can jointly create value.

Employee engagement

Maersk Drilling’s annual Employee Engagement Survey (EES) is designed to identify how committed we are to what we do and how well we live out our values – both as individual employees, as managers, and as a company. The overall engagement scores decreased by 1 per cent in comparison to 2014, but is still considered to be high.  


Positive customers review

To improve our services, and to address specific issues in close collaboration with our customers in a timely and effective manner, we ask our customers to review our performance on a scale from 0 to 7. This allows us to integrate feedback from our customers into our performance management system and processes.

In 2015 we see a slighty improvement in comparison to 2014, with a increase of 0,1 points. Since 2012 we have seen a yearly improvement, which we believe is a direct result of our deep costumer acumen. 

The quarterly performance review covers seven key parameters which the rig manager and the customer jointly review and discuss on a quarterly basis.

  • Safety, environmental and health performance
  • The rig’s operational performance
  • The offshore crew’s skills and performance
  • The offshore managements performance and relationships with customer
  • The Rig Manager’s support and follow-up
  • The shore base organisation’s support including responsiveness and professionalism
  • The feedback from client’s offshore representatives regarding rig performance


Focus on the whistle-blower system

Several means of reporting non-compliance or filing a grievance are available for Maersk Drilling’s internal stakeholders. We encourage employees to contact their manager directly. All employees have access to our whistle-blower system. If an anonymous method of reporting such things as possible violations of the law or company policies is required.

In 2015, we received seven whistle-blower cases, three more than in 2014. 

A formal grievance mechanism for Maersk Drilling’s has been developed but unfortunately it has not yet been widely communicated locally and thereby been made available to our external stakeholders. 

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