At Maersk Drilling, we firmly believe that by conducting our operations through sustainable practices, we ensure a sound and viable business for the future.

On these pages we invite you to explore how we approach sustainability in Maersk Drilling and how we perform accordingly. The content comprises Maersk Drilling’s fifth sustainability report, which as of 2013, has undergone a transformation from print to web. You can find our previous reports in the report library.

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Maersk Drillings' Sustainability Highlights 2013


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News & Case studies

Maersk Drilling offers updates on our sustainability performance by publishing a series of sustainability cases.

Progress case October 2014: A near real-life environment

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Local Content

Progress case August 2014: Putting valuable experience to use

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Environment & Climate

Progress case September 2014: A small reduction in fuel consumption has a large value

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Community Engagement

Progress case October 2014: There is light at the end of the tunnel

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Progress case August 2014: Diversity comes with growth

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Responsible Business

Progress case August 2014: Is this our responsibility?

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Sustainability Snapshots 2013

Read about how the crew on Maersk Viking prepared for high performance and safe operations, how the rig team in Angola are training new talent as part of their work with local content, and how collaboration and partnerships are the way forward to reduce our environmental impact.

These, and many more highlights of Maersk Drilling's performance on sustainability are available in our Sustainability Snapshots 2013 - an easily digestable supplement to our complete online sustainability report at


Sustainability in Maersk Drilling

Doubling the fleet, hiring thousands of new employees and expanding operations into new locations bring
Maersk Drilling new challenges and opportunities for sustainable business conduct in a growing market.

We are determined to create safe access to energy and to move boundaries within offshore drilling without
compromising on social and environmental aspects.
Our Business Principles

Our Business Principles

The corporate values guide the way in which all business units within the A.P. Moller-Maersk Group conduct business including Maersk Drilling.

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Stakeholder Engagement

Our relationships with stakeholders are based on participatory engagement, open dialogue, and mutual respect. We focus our engagements with stakeholders on groups of individuals who are directly impacted by, or who have a direct impact on our business.

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Materiality assessment

We report on the social, environmental and economic aspects that are most important to our stakeholders and on which our business has the biggest impact. The foundation of our materiality assessment is the groundwork we carried out in 2010 as part of the development of our CSR strategy.

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Governance and management

Our commitment to sustainability starts at the very top with the A.P. Moller-Maersk Group Sustainability Council. In Maersk Drilling, our CEO and the Senior Management Team are responsible for cascading down sustainability in the organisation through key performance indicators.

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Sustainability Performance 2013

Tracking our sustainability performance including a wide range of environmental, social and economic indicators
helps us focus our efforts on improving our performance. We report on our sustainability performance
to ensure transparency and accountability.

About our sustainability report

We report on Maersk Drilling’s sustainability performance to document our commitment to conducting responsible business
About our sustainability report

About our sustainability report

We report on Maersk Drilling’s sustainability performance to document our commitment to conducting responsible business. Maersk Drilling’s Sustainability Report 2013 is our fifth sustainability report with publication date 27 February 2014.

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UN Global compact

Find out more about the main elements - Human rights, Labour, Environment, Anti-corruption

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Independent assurance statement

The content of the Report, including the identification of material issues, is the responsibility of Maersk Drilling’s management.

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Report Library


Our reports

Our sustainability reports cover the activities of Maersk Drilling and seek to provide a balanced and comprehensive view of our operations.

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