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A good year in Shah Deniz

Following stellar operational and safety performance in 2016, Maersk Explorer has won BP’s global ‘Creating Efficiencies’ award for the first quarter of 2017.

“A team or individual award for those who identify opportunities to reduce spend or create significant efficiency”. That is the official definition of BP’s global ‘Creating Efficiencies’ award, which is awarded once every quarter.

“The Explorer crews are winners in BP’s quarterly awards for the drilling performance on the SDG manifold in 2016. The crews delivered two best in class wells last year (SDG03 & SDG04). A great job which everyone on board played a vital part in. More importantly, the crews have managed to deliver this with good safety performance, and the Maersk Explorer has now achieved six years without any LTIs,” says Joe Mellor, Wells Superintendent, BP.

Maersk Explorer has been operating for BP on the Shah Deniz field since 2012, with a great track record to show for herself.

A fantastic performance in 2016
Throughout 2016, the Maersk Explorer crews consistently improved performance well-on-well by applying lessons learned to the upcoming well, and by implementing a more efficient After Action Review (AAR) process. Several of the wells drilled were considered some of the most difficult wells in the field. While drilling on the East South Flank, the nearest offset was drilled eight years ago and took over 300 days to finish. For comparison, SDG03 well was completed in a record 170 days.

Maersk Explorer finished drilling operations at the end of 2016 having delivered three wells, eight months ahead schedule, and at 30% below time and cost estimates. Currently, the Maersk Explorer is drilling on the West South Flank of the Shah Deniz field, where operations are 48 days ahead of schedule.  

“It’s hard not to be impressed when you look at the performance everyone on Maersk Explorer has delivered over the past year – and beyond. With the continuous optimisations the crews have managed to implement well-on-well, Maersk Drilling has managed to reduce BP’s average well cost significantly. If anything, that is a true differentiator and an achievement we can all be very proud of,” says Per Gøbel, Asset Manager, Deepwater & Harsh-Environment Units, Maersk Drilling.