We are Maersk - Maersk Drilling

We're currently drilling around the world, applying efficient, high-performance equipment to break new ground in the global energy business.

Lars Ravn Hansen presents the XLE Rig

Having already taking delivery of three XLE Rigs, a fourth and final XLE will join the fleet in late 2016. 

Maersk Drilling Career

At Maersk Drilling, we believe in the value of treating people with trust and respect, and in treating every employee according to his or her personal abilities and ambitions.

Drilling Simulator

The high-end rigs in Maersk Drilling's fleet can be recreated virtually in the simulator to include all rig specific equipment and control systems.

Maersk Drillships

The drillship fleet will support Maersk Drilling's position as a significant player in the ultra deepwater market, where we operate four state-of-the-art semi-submersibles.

Jack-Up Rig CJ70 XLE

Get an animated tour onboard a XLE Jack-Up Rig.

Maersk Drilling Trainees

Alexander joined Maersk Drilling as a trainee. He takes us through his first impressions of the work and the industry as a whole. 

Work Life Balance Offshore

How do you balance work and family life when working offshore? Meet Nelly, Eric and Alexander who tell us how they manage.