What does the work consist of?

The Medic provides medical services to all crew members and is on call 24/7 when on the rig. He/she ensures that the stock of medical and nursing supplies is kept at the required level at all times. If a medical evacuation of a person is required, the medic is responsible for arranging this in cooperation with the OIM.

The Medic is responsible for the organization of preventative healthcare, supervision of physical and mental health of personnel, administration of first aid treatment, supervision of medical emergency preparedness procedures, control of hygienic standard on the rig, and registration of chemicals and medical substances.

What do I need to know to hold the position?

In order to hold this position, you must have the following:

  • Medical Certificate in accordance with the requirements stipulated by the continental shelf authority for the current operating area, this can be as a nurse or doctor

How do I get there?

You are a registered nurse with experience from the emergency department, paramedic or similar. Offshore experience is not a prerequisite.