Logistics Coordinator (Materials Man)


Logistics Coordinator (Materials Man)

What does the work consist of?

The Logistics Coordinator is responsible for the proper operation of the Material Management System. He/she is responsible for preparing the necessary requisitions for spare parts and materials based on the established minimum stock limits as well as keeping accurate records of parts and materials used, transferred, lost or received.

What do I need to know to hold the position?

In order to hold this position, you must have the following:

  • Education as forwarder/storekeeper/warehouse administrator
  • General working knowledge of terminology and equipment used in the offshore drilling industry
  • Proficient in Safety Management Principles
  • Knowledge of P3M (SAP) maintenance system

How do I get there?

You have a strong sense of detail, combined with relevant logistical experience as listed above. You have a minimum of 1 year offshore experience, for example from the maintenance section.