Explore the different offshore positions

Maersk Drilling offers many different career opportunities offshore. Are you a skilled worker, engineer, marine officer or do you just want to try life offshore? Explore the different positions below – or try our offshore job wizard
Maintenance Positions


The Maintenance section is responsible for the maintenance and repairing of the machinery and drilling equipment on board. The section also overlooks all electrical operations on board and assists with installations of third party equipment.

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The Marine section handles rig moves and operates the Dynamic Positioning system. It is also responsible for crane, anchor, ballast and deck operations as well as all control room activities, fabric maintenance and helicopter landings and takeoffs.

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The Drilling section is responsible for all work related to the drilling operations itself; running and cementing of casings, tripping operations and controlling the actual drilling operation by using cyber equipment.

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Rig Administration

The Administration section handles all the practicalities that make the rig function as a workplace. This includes arranging transport to and from the rig, ensuring emergency preparedness and treating personnel when experiencing health issues.

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Example of rig organigram