Maersk Interceptor - Specifications

Year of Construction: 2013
Class: Det norske Veritas
Work area: North Sea
Hull dimension: 88.8 m x 102.5 m x 12 m (291 ft x 336 ft x 39 ft)
Length of legs: 206.8 m (678 ft)
Rated water depth: 150 m (492 ft)
Rated drilling depth: 12,000 m (40,000 ft)
Variable load: 13,000 t including hook load
XY cantilever reach: 33.5 m x 23.7 m (110 ft x 77.6 ft)
Power supply: TBA kW 6.6 kV, 690 V, 440 V & 220 V @ 60 Hz
Well control equipment: 15,000 psi
Cranes: NOV OC3500
Cement pump: 15,000 PSI
Hoisting equipment capacity: 2,100,000 lb (hook load static)
Drawworks: NOV SSGD, 5750 HP with five AC motors
Top drive: NOV HPS-03
Mud pumps: 4 NOV 14-P-220
Bulk mud capacity: 252 m3 (8,899 f t3)
Bulk cement capacity: 189 m3 (6,6 74 f t3)
Liquid mud capacity: Mud pit 1,100 m3, holding 450 m3, slurry 350 m3
Accommodation: 150 people in one-man cabins

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