Service Delivery model

High drilling- and safety performance on our side reduces the cost for our customers.

In Maersk Drilling we have therefore developed a Service Delivery Model to engage with our customers to ensure that we consistently contribute to safe and efficient drilling of wells.

Each phase in the Service Delivery Model is carefully developed based on customer- and expert knowledge. The model represents the Maersk Drilling commitment to our customers and involves taking proactive and planned actions that go beyond typical industry standards.

The key customer challenges we address


Have you ever experienced that bringing a rig into operations was not resulting in efficient drilling operations with the pace you where aiming for?

  • The first phases of the Maersk Drilling Service Delivery Model ensure that our service delivery focuses on early alignment and joint mobilization.

Have you considered how good operators and drilling contractors are at ensuring rig capabilities are fully utilized?

  • In Maersk Drilling we believe optimal utilization of rig capabilities starts with an optimal drilling program and well plan. We have developed Rig Capability Guides to aid well planners in taking advantage of the benefits of our rigs in their planning. Furthermore, we analyze and seek to optimize operator well plans to ensure that we align our rig performances, safety approach, maintenance and logistics requirements with the well plans.

Have you ever felt the need to employ performance coaches to drilling rigs to ensure optimal drilling operations?

  • Utilization of performance coaches is common in the drilling industry because of the huge value they can bring to improve safety and performance. In Maersk Drilling we employ our own tailor made “Plan Do Study Act” approach for drilling, which, supported by six in-house performance coaches, aims at applying best drilling practices across our fleet.

How comfortable are you that employed contractors are able to improve and learn during a contract period to optimize operations. work relationship, safety and even contractual elements?

  • In Maersk Drilling we have implemented a structured After Action Review approach on all levels of operations – be it on the rig during daily operations or onshore for contractual and relational purposes. Learning from doing is a must if operators and drilling contractors want to drive performance on specific rigs or wells.

All in all, in Maersk Drilling we support our customers’ well planning efforts and seek to help our customers make optimal use of our knowledge about equipment, planning and drilling. Therefore we have invested in designated Service Delivery Engineers to facilitate the execution of the Service Delivery Model and support our rig teams and operators. Further, we have written Rig Capability Guides, introduced in-house performance coaches and associated clear Plan Do Study Act processes to follow, which are documented in our management system, communicated and taught throughout the organization.

For further information about how you can benefit from this approach, please contact the Head of Performance & Processes at +45 3363 3363.

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