XL Enhanced Jack-ups

Maersk Drilling continues to lead the way in the technological advancements of ultra harsh environment drilling. Having already taking delivery of three state-of-the-art XLE Jack-Ups, Maersk Intrepid, Maersk Interceptor and Maersk Integrator, a fourth and final XLE Jack-Up will soon be delivered hereby cementing Maersk Drilling's position as a industry leader in the North Sea, with the most advanced Jack-Up drilling rigs in existence. All of the newbuilds have been customized to handle demanding and complex well drilling operations in the North Sea.


The four XL Enhanced harsh environment jack-up rigs are based on the design of the Maersk Intrepid, Maersk Interceptor and Maersk Integrator, currently the world’s largest and most advanced jack-up drilling rigs. The XLE-4, which will be delivered in late 2016, will however have several modefications to the design hereby making the XLE-4 the largest and most advanced jack-up rig in the world. 

The XL Enhanced rigs incorporate enhanced features to improve efficiency, safety and logistics onboard:


  • Dual pipe handling maximises uptime and drilling efficiency. While one string is working in the well bore, a second string operates independently. This way casing, drill pipe or bottom hole assembly can be assembled/disassembled and stored in the set-back area, ready for subsequent transfer for use in the well bore, significantly reducing non-productive time.
  • The drill floor features Multi Machine Control: a fully remotely-operated pipe handling system allowing all standard operations such as stand building and tripping to be conducted without personnel on the drill floor, ensuring a high level of consistency across crews and improved efficiency.
  • The rigs are designed for year-round operation in the North Sea. With a leg length of 206.8 m (678 ft), they handle water depths of up to 150 m (492 ft).

Other features:
  • 150 m (492 ft) water depth capability year-round in the North Sea
  • Cantilever reach from stern to well centre 33.5 m (110 ft) and from centre line to each side more than 11 m (36.1 ft.)
  • Dual pipe handling system allowing offline stand building of drill pipe, casing or bottom hole assembly while one string is working at well centre
  • Accommodation for 150 people in single bed cabins (The XLE-4 will accommodate 180 people in single bed cabins) 
  • Superior working and living conditions for the crew

Download full presentation and specifications (pdf)