Deepwater Advanced Drillships

Maersk Drilling is a considerable player in the ultra deepwater market with four newbuilding drillships and three ultra deepwater development semi-submersibles. The drillships are purpose-built for safe operations under extreme conditions.


The design and capacities of the new drillships include additional features for high efficiency operation. Featuring dual derrick and large subsea work and storage areas, the design allows for efficient well construction and field development activities through parallel and offline activities.

The 228-metre long drillships will be able to operate at water depths up to 3,650 m (12,000 ft) and will be capable of drilling wells of more than 12,000 m (40,000 ft) deep. With their advanced positioning control systems, the ships automatically maintain a fixed position in severe weather conditions with waves up to 11 metres high and wind speeds up to 26 metres per second.

Special attention has been paid to onboard safety. The drillships are operated by relatively small crews, and are equipped with Multi Machine Control on the drill floor, providing a large degree of automation that ensures safe operation and consistent performance.

Maersk Drilling offers a unique service delivery concept that customises safe, efficient and consistent drilling services

The main features of the rig include:

  • Multi Machine Control allows all standard operations such as stand building and tripping to be conducted without personnel on the drill floor. This ensures a high level of safety as well as consistency across crews.
  • Dual pipe handling maximises uptime and drilling efficiency. While one string is working in the well bore, a second string operates independently. This way casing, drill pipe or bottom hole assembly can be assembled/disassembled and stored in the set-back area, ready for subsequent transfer for use in the well bore, significantly reducing non-productive time.
  • The travelling system (crown sheaves, travelling block and main well centre top drive) has a 1,250 tons capacity, enabling a total drilling depth of 12,200 m/40,000 ft.

  • Dual mud system ensures efficient change between mud types and completion fluids.
  • Spacious accommodation for 230 people and considerable storage and tank capacity for long range and extended time operational capabilities.
  • Hands free riser for safe handling of stand building.
  • Dedicated guided gantry cranes for BOP and subsea trees handling.

Download full presentation and specifications (pdf)