Our expertise covers many areas, from high pressure and high temperature drilling to technical limit drilling and subsea work. Maersk Drilling is always at the forefront of technological advances in the oil and gas business, continually optimising our industry-leading efficiency.

It takes a lot more than technology to turn advanced engineering skills into high-performance equipment. That's why we make sure that our in-house engineering department develops newbuildings and carries out unit modifications in close cooperation with the people who are going to work on them.

More often than not, hands-on experience leads to creative problem solving and innovative ideas that surpass any drawing-board 
solution. This devoted and focused participation by everyone from roughnecks to management helps us adapt to local conditions, reduce risk and achieve industry-leading drilling efficiency.

At Maersk Drilling, we are committed to delivering total lower well costs for our customers through safe and efficient operations. We pride ourselves on providing excellent service so we continuously monitor and evaluate customer satisfaction and feedback.

We believe that a healthy economy, environment and society are fundamental to our long-term business success

XL Enhanced Jack-Ups


We are currently building the world's most advanced jack-up drilling rigs, having already taking delivery of the Maersk Intrepid, the Maersk Interceptor and the Maersk Integrator. A fourth and final jack-up, the XLE-4 will be delivered by late 2016. The rigs are purpose-built for weathering the ultra harsh environment of the North Sea, and their technical features are beyond current state-of-the-art.

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Deepwater Advanced Drillships


Maersk Drilling's latest newbuilding project is the construction of the first drillships in our ultra deepwater fleet. They will operate at extreme depths and offer outstanding solutions both regarding safety and efficiency.

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