Standing on our own three feet

Anyone will tell you that standing on your own two feet is a very important milestone in ones development, and this is also true for our “little” project, however here in Singapore this means standing on three.

Our first rig reached that milestone just this last month and is now standing on its own along the yard pier.

It all started by moving the rig off the barge it was sitting on and floating it out to deeper waters, where the leg fishing operation could take place. The forward leg together with the spudcan are 45 meters high, and they had to be completely submerged in order for the rig to float over them and the leg could be “fished up” through the leg well – just like threading a needle, except this one weighs roughly 1400 tons.


The fishing operation was a success, and the rig returned to the yard to be jacked up at the quayside, next to other jack-ups which dwarfed in comparison. And now that the rig was standing on its own, it was ready to handle the weight of our massive cantilever.

The lifting operation of the cantilever had to be very well timed, because the floating crane needed high tide in order to lift the 2700 ton structure (almost 8 fully laden 747-400’s) without going aground. After successfully lifting the cantilever, the crane was then sailed into position, where the cantilever then had to be slid into position onboard the rig before it could be let go. Finally the moonpool could be hoisted and welded together with the rest of the cantilever.


On another note, B332 is also finding its foothold with its spudcans now being joined in the dry dock, all the while the blocks keep closing more and more of the open hull. And block construction for B347 is filling up more and more space here at the yard, just waiting for its turn in the dry dock.

The next step for B331 is for the derrick, which has been assembled at another location, to be lifted and bolted onto the cantilever, completing the business end of the rig, and allowing for the commissioning process to begin.

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