Seeing things as they really are

The further we get along this project, the more it starts looking like the finished product.

This is of course no surprise to anyone, but it still makes walking around on XLE1 a more familiar experience. This also means that a lot of systems are being commissioned and it is finally possible to see things as they really are.

It is always a great challenge to imagine how thing will be, when the only thing you have to go by are drawings and functional descriptions, which for the most part are separated into individual systems and trades. This can create a race for space for equipment, cables and pipes, adding to it all the Norwegian working environment requirements for access, sometimes making the world’s biggest jack-up too small.

And as if this visualization is tough for us who have seen and been on a jack-up before, imagine the hurdle it would be for a shack of welders building panels and blocks for our accommodation. How does one overcome this challenge? – “Why not build a model of the finished product? - One of the foremen thought, building all the blocks to scale, even using extra cardboard to simulate the thicker plates and helping to determine the best way to lift the different decks into place. This of course helped motivate and engage the workers towards the goal.


Since the last blog entry XLE2 has left the dry dock and found its temporary place on the big barge, where it was joined with the forward leg well. The finishing touches are being made to the hull before it can be floated off to fish its forward leg. Then it will go stand aside its older sister to continue its transformation from drawing to reality

The dry dock has not stood still either, already housing nine blocks and the two aft spudcans for XLE3 in their final location, and on top of that seven other block in various stages of the painting process.

It won’t be long before the blue hull will dominate the view in the dry dock, just as it does on the quayside… And that is a good feeling.

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