Letter from Maersk Intrepid

During the past months, training in the systems on the Maersk Intrepid has intensified. 

In the beginning of this year we did our familiarization period in Singapore and recently we had the pleasure of attending the Performance Enhancement Training in Svendborg, Denmark.

The Performance Enhancement training created a fantastic arena for the crew to get to know each other both from the technical side and the more human side, where the course included time for social networking as well. The crews were challenged in a great variety of areas and it was good to see the participation from the crews. Most even went a little out of their comfort zone during the week. Some of us even went out for a swim in the Baltic Sea on Friday, which was cold – but nice.


The importance of getting to know each other, dare to care, and to ensure good collaboration and working environment is of utmost importance when starting up a new high performance team. On the XLE rigs we have a different manning structure than on a conventional Jack Up rig. We have three departments; one administration, one technical and one operations department where the deck and drilling are merged together.

In the new setup we also have a Central Control Room, the heart of the rig operations, where two persons, one Drilling Operator and one Technical Operator, have the responsibility to operate the equipment in each department; further to this they have some shared responsibilities not possible to move onshore.


During the weeks in Svendborg, the training was also designed to test our new manning structure and if the structure was working efficiently - especially in the Central Control Room where the crew was introduced to their tasks in the new structure. The various exercises went well even though we had various scenarios to deal with like an oil spill to sea, an injured person on the supply boat we needed to fly to shore, a stuck pipe and a fire in the engine room.


The communication lines in the new manning structure were tested among all the technical troubles and the crew found the correct communication lines and made it work. This was a very good experience and all crew members smiled after the exercise as the manning structure and the communication worked.

Now we will start a new chapter in the training period. Maersk Intrepid has just arrived in Norwegian waters for the inshore stay. During this period we will on board the rest of the crew, include them in the manning structure, and start working together.

Best Regards,
Mogens Meiniche Madsen
Rig Manager
Maersk Intrepid

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