Bring on the superstructure

Work since last time on the XLE project here in Singapore has only been (slightly) halted to celebrate Chinese New Year, the year of the snake. But we have seen a lot of progress along all lines.

The youngest of the bunch, B347 (or XLE3), is steadily showing its presence around the yard with blocks taking shape here and there, while XLE2 now counts the whole of 12 blocks in place in the dry dock with others at the ready, awaiting their turn in the building sequence.


Starboard side of the accommodation has found its place aboard XLE1, bringing along the future home of the office spaces, galley, recreation and exercise facilities onboard. These spaces will in the coming months be outfitted with all (or at least most) of the comforts of home, but as for now it is merely a shell full of possibilities and challenges ahead.

The business end of our drilling rigs has also seen an important addition with the drill floor being erected atop of the cantilever, as well as most of the equipment making its way inside, making it possible to close the gaping holes that previously were common sight, but necessary to accommodate the massive equipment arriving in the nick of time. The derrick has also been shooting upward and can now be seen when standing on the high ground of the rig (it’s being built a good 30 minutes away by car).


Being capable to perform lifts under own power will be a big help to the building process, which is why the installation of the first crane was a welcome sight. It is still under commissioning, and some time will go before it can be used, but it is another tick on the very extensive to-do-list which is always good.

The next big chapter will be when the XLE1 rig leaves the barge in search of its forward leg, which will be fished from the sea into place… but I expect that will be a story for the next blog…

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