An eventful start to the New Year

Since last time, which was quite a while ago, a lot has happened here at the yard, and with the coming of the New Year a few big milestones have been reached in the XLE project.

After a feverish dash towards the finish line, the first XLE was undocked from the dry dock and set on a big work barge, which will be its new temporary home for the next couple of months. This is done in order to join the main hull with the forward leg well that had been built elsewhere, due to the fact the rigs we are building are so big they won’t fit in the dry dock in one piece. Now that these two pieces of the puzzle have come together it is clear just how big.


Many things still have to come together before the first XLE can stand on its own three feet, among these is the consolidation of the hull, pulling kilometers of cables and putting on the all important cantilever, and all this before we can float out to fish our forward leg. But when that has been said, XLE1 is definetly looking more and more like the jackups we know, and that is a great sight.

The coming of the new year has also been a milestone time for “middle sister”, which at times has been living in the shadows of her older sister, as keel laying for the second XLE took place on january 5th.


XLE2 has reaped a lot of benefit from the difficulties and challenges encountered during the construction of XLE1, and the continuous application of lessons learned means that this younger sister is progressing along nicely - without saying that it is completely without its own set of challenges.

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