“All well on board!”

It has been an interesting few months since my last update. After offloading Maersk Interceptor from the HAWK heavy lifter and saying goodbye to our new friends as they sailed to Singapore to pick up Maersk Integrator, we went alongside the GMC shipyard in Mekjarvik, Norway, to get third party equipment installed as well as hosting the official naming ceremony.

After a busy first couple of weeks, we had the official name giving of the rig. It was very special to me to attend this and be able to show the rig to what felt like the whole world. A lot of praise was given to the rig and it was a pleasure to have both management and press on board. After the proud moments where the champagne bottle was broken against Maersk Interceptors hull, and all the following festive arrangements, we were soon back to working with various audits and verifications as well as equipment training.

Finally, over New Year we were able to sail out to our first drilling operation. It was a special feeling for everyone to move on to the operational phase after months of ship yard stays and high seas adventures. Everyone was eager and thrilled to get started. It was time to show off what this machine can really do!


We started drilling in early January, and have managed to stay on track since then. The crews have made a huge effort to both operate and optimize operations at the same time. Soon it was obvious that the extensive training paid off with a good safety mindset and good performance. The first well is now coming to an end, and we have already gathered a lot of learnings both from our own experiences and by using the after action reviews from our sister rig, the Maersk Intrepid.

It has been a steep curve so far, and to be honest it has been quite hectic at times too. We are getting more and more familiar with both our colleagues and the many new pieces of equipment, and I am happy to say that we experience very good team work on board. We feel like we have started out the cooperation with our customer in a very good way, promising an interesting and promising future for the rig.

Again, I am happy and proud to say “all well on board”!

Yours sincerely,
Jens Lundgaard
Marine Section Leader, Maersk Interceptor