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Drilling Simulator 
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In the wake of the Macondo accident in 2010, Maersk Drilling and Maersk Training established a task force to determine how to build further on the solid foundation of IWCF and take training of the offshore crews to the next level. A very visible outcome of this work is the highly advanced drilling simulator complex situated at Maersk Training in Svendborg, Denmark.

One of the main findings identified by the group was the need for a broader approach to well control training. In addition to providing a more comprehensive well control scenario program and a near real-life environment through use of the specific designs of Maersk Drilling’s rigs, the need for increased focus on the interaction between crew members in various functions on the rig was pointed out as a key factor in dealing with well control scenarios.

Team based well control training

“Accident reports continuously point towards communication and handling of the situation as the root cause of most incidents. The fact is that communication is a big part of a drilling operation, however, looking at the industry training offerings we see a significant gap as we don’t have any facilities allowing for that kind of training. The new simulator complex offers just that,” Claus V. Hemmingsen, CEO of Maersk Drilling and Partner in A.P. Moller – Maersk.

In addition to the drilling simulator itself, the purpose built, three dimensional complex includes a rig control room simulator, an engine room simulator and crane simulators. This will enable integrated training for the entire crew by allowing for interactions with other operations on the rig. Within the team environment, inclusive of the client if requested, the crew can now develop their practical well control skills. A feature not offered by any other training provider. In addition to the instructors evaluating the technical skills of the crew members, human factor specialist are monitoring the communication and interaction during training to provide feedback on this important aspect as well.

Individualized training on specific rig designs

The high end rigs in Maersk Drilling’s fleet can be recreated virtually in the simulator to include all rig specific equipment and control systems. This will enable the crews to train specifically in the surroundings they will be met by when on board the rig. The system simulates various well control scenarios above and beyond the requirements from IWCF and enables practicing of a wide range of advanced drilling operations including the simulation of the well control incidents that have taken place in the industry. The system also includes a downhole visualization tool, which will improve the in-depth understanding of the drilling process for the users.

Drillers will receive realistic and real-time feedback on their operational performance as well as their interaction. Combined with the training in teams this will create a much more realistic work situation than provided by traditional drilling simulators. In addition to training, the drilling simulator offers the possibility of detailed operational planning for drilling of difficult wells as these can be rehearsed in a virtual environment identical to what will be experienced offshore.

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Drilling Simulator - Maersk Drilling

Drilling Simulator - Maersk Drilling

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